Wednesday, 5 December 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Hello, friends! 
I'm terribly sorry for neglecting my blog, especially since I read my favorite blogs almost every day!
On my behalf, I haven't been lazy. Since we last "spoke" I have gotten married, been working my full-time job and still taking college courses. I'm happy to say that things are finally settling in (thank goodness!) and my hopes of blogging on a more regular basis are becoming much more realistic of a plan. 

I wanted to pop in and wish you a wonderful holiday season! 
I've been busy decorating our rental home and have been having a blast going through all of our Christmas decor, and watching our animals confused faces at the boxes and piles of things that we have been going through.

Here are a few photos to tide you over while I work on a more in depth post about my love for this time of year.

My best wishes to you and your families.


Friday, 28 September 2012

Finally, a Spare Moment.

SO so sorry for my absence. I recently started a new job, and between that and preparing for many things that I have in the works, things have just been so hectic. 

We're taking a little road trip tomorrow to a small town in Massachusetts that we absolutely adore! I plan on taking several photos to share with you.

I hope everyone is enjoying the autumn weather as much as I am, though this rain today needs to go away!


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Brimfield or bust!

Heading to Brimfield. I wonder what goodies will make their way home with me.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Busy, busier and busiest.

Hello! I do apologize for the absence. We have been running around like crazy here the past few weeks trying to get as much accomplished as possible to make this house feel like our home. This has been no easy feat. 

The previous tenants left the home in a sorry state, and the cleaning woman that was hired to clean up did NOT do her job. Because of all of these factors, we have had to put a quite a bit of blood, sweat (a lot of sweat) and tears (not a lot, but some ;) into making this house feel like home. I am very pleased to say that we are getting there, but we still have a long way to go.

Our house was bought as an investment property by a group of individuals, so this house was not meant to be extremely beautiful, but nice enough to keep tenants happy. Well, as a person who loves the homes that I choose to live in, this was not good enough for me. ;) We have been doing our best to put our touch into the house without spending too much money. (We don't want to pay to fix up someone else's property, especially when it's on the market!) Simple things like painting (except for the mediocre and ugly wallpaper that covers the walls of many rooms), hanging our artwork and such on the walls, and most of all...CLEANING

I am so happy that I am finally starting to see some progress of the work we're putting in and that the house is starting to feel like a place that we want to be. However, there are still many things on our 
To Do List that still need to be accomplished.

Right now, a big project that we are working on is a bit of additional outdoor living space. On the rear of the house is a lean-to. It was probably built to house wood for a wood stove or as a place to store outdoor equipment, tools, etc. I decided it would be great to use it as somewhat of a porch, since the only other place outside is our front porch, and it doesn't have nearly as beautiful and peaceful of a view that the back of the house has. Because the lean-to is just two posts and a roof, we needed a base so that we could put a couple of wicker chairs out there and a small table. My first thought was stone pavers, but the cost for the space we needed was not something that I was wanting to spend. We would need too many pavers, and like I said, we are not investing too much money or time into someone else's property. So while we were at Lowes, an employee told us about river pebbles that were on sale for less than $3 a bag! So for less than $50, we have a solution for our porch.

17 bags later and we have a simple and inexpensive solution for our lean-to porch.

This is only one of many items on our To Do List, but it is important to us to have a space in the backyard, close to the house, so we can enjoy the beautiful nature that we are surrounded by. I can't even begin to describe how excited I already am for autumn here!

As far as the house goes, this is all I can share now, but I do have something else that may entertain you. While painting trim in the downstairs bath the other day, I heard what sounded like thunder outside. It was a gorgeous day so I knew that wasn't the issue. Upon investigating the sound, I found THREE horses in our yard!

Needless to say, ZERO horses showed up in our yard in Huntington.

 I guess this is something that can happen when you live in the country! :)
I made some phone calls and our neighbors came and got them around 15 minutes later, but not before I had a chance to snap a few photos!

I hope you found this as funny as I did!

Here's a picture I snapped this afternoon that looks like summer to me! Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope to come back to you with some progress!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A sneak preview.

I'm still very much in the process of unpacking, but even more so cleaning. 
These old houses really can hold their dirt, and ours is no exception!

In the meantime, I wanted to give you a sneak peek into our new home. Not a lot, as the inside is still a MESS, but just enough to hold you over until I can share some of the rooms inside. I want you to keep in mind that this is only a rental house, so all of the fixtures and finishes are not my choices, so I am doing my best with what I have to work with. Good bones, but some not so great design choices. 

Our rental home.

Our house was built in 1845 in a very small town in central New Hampshire. This home is almost double the size of our previous rental home, and we feel so lucky to be living here. Notice the granite foundation...swoon. We feel so lucky that our first "home" in New England is an antique home! This home was not our first choice when deciding to move here, but has become a wonderful substitute since the home that we really wanted was taken off of the rental market.

I do have to say that my heart dropped when the realtor told us that they had just cut down the row of maples that lined the front of our property to make way for larger power lines to accommodate the ski resort at the end of our road, but our property still has plenty of beauty to offer.

A granite bench that sets on our property.

This bench sits to the right of the property (if you are looking at the house from the street view in the first photo) and I cannot wait to sit here in the fall and look at the trees surrounding the property. Whoever placed this bench in this exact spot knew exactly what they were doing. This location provides a gorgeous view of the cleared property.

Our home sits on three acres but only about one acre of that is cleared. The rest is wooded area and provides a great backdrop when I'm looking through the windows about the kitchen sink.

I do hope you stick around, because our adventure has just begun. We are in the process of doing a lot of exploring of New England, and even better, we are in the process of searching for an antique home of our very own! Stay with me. I promise I won't let you down.

Our driveway. Come back soon!

Thanks for joining us on this journey!


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Perfectly At Home.

We are here in New Hampshire. :)
Doing a post soon. There's a lot of cleaning, unpacking and decorating to do.
Talk to you soon!


Monday, 23 July 2012

Almost there.

So, here we are on July 23rd. If I calculate correctly, we are moving to New Hampshire in 8 days. Excuse me while I squeal like a small child who was just given the best toy in the world. I can't believe it is finally here. The moving truck is scheduled, movers have been hired, boxes are being packed...and all the while, I'm stuck in this strange place in my mind heart, somewhere between sadness, fear and excitement. I cannot believe what a tremendous journey we are about to embark on. I am so thankful we are able to make this huge dream we have had come true. I count my blessings every day. 

 Finnegan's ready. Now if only I could put him to work packing.

The next time I see you, I'll be in New Hampshire. I'm going to go and pack more while Finnegan is going to nap. All of this packing is wearing him out!

Finnegan says we'll see you in New Hampshire!


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Packing away memories.

Since the move is less than thirty days away, I’ve started to get somewhat serious about our packing. (Hey, we all have a little procrastinator in us, right? ;) I’ve been going through the things that we will not need before we move so as to make this transition as smooth as possible.

This set of beautiful china was purchased at an estate sale for a ridiculously low price, next to some vintage trasferware that is being packed along with it. In case you're wondering, the china pattern is called Countess and it was made by Syracuse China (Syracuse, NY) in the 1950's and early 1960's.

While going through which items to pack and which ones to leave, you come across several memories in the process. Our current rental home is where we have lived for three years, and it really has become our home. The majority of what we have was acquired while living here, so there have been several memories made. I’m having fun remembering each one as I pack and have myself a little smile and a little laugh as I go through things. 

A closer look at the vintage transferware, which is the new color scheme for our new kitchen.

Also while packing, I looked at a vintage print that my mother gave to me recently. This very print hung in my grandmother's kitchen, in her farmhouse in Southern Ohio, for many years until she passed away. He will be making his way to New England with us and finding a special home in our dining room. I know that every time I look at him, I'll feel like I'm back to being a child, having Sunday dinner around the dining room table, looking at this picture before we pray.

I'm hoping he's praying for a successful move! I know I am! ;)

Before I go to do some more packing, I'd like to share with you this little vignette in our current living room. I think this describes my decorating style pretty accurately. 

The pineapple means hospitality, and looking at this brass lamp covered in pewter, I can see the hospitality! I hope you can too!


Friday, 22 June 2012

And so it begins..

(I got over my writer's block!!! ;)

Wow! Why didn’t I realize that moving the 800+ miles would be so difficult?? I would say that no one warned me, but that wouldn’t be true, now would it? ;)

I’m sad to say that our “dream home” that was a possibility, is no longer an option. :( The owner decided to take it off the rental market and sell it instead. It is my philosophy that I am only meant to do what I’m able to do, so I mourned the loss of a dream for a couple of days, then moved on.

Since then, I have found several options, all of which are beautiful places! For now, the plan is to head to New Hampshire in mid July, look at as many places as possible in one or two days, sign a lease, then head home to pack!

When our current landlord listed our home for rent… that was when the move felt real.

We are really moving.

Boxes have been gathered, packing has begun, and here we go! We still have all of July, but I know that time will go considerably quickly.

Whoever is reading this, (I know you’re out there) thank you. Thank you for starting this journey with me. Until next time, here are some pictures of more New England homes that I photographed while visiting. Enjoy!


Writer's block.


In the meantime, aren’t these hydrangeas beautiful? I took this photo with my iPhone at the resort where we stayed in Williamsburg this past week. One last trip before our big move!!! :)

Yes, the temperatures were unbearable, but these beauties didn’t seem to mind. Happy weekend!


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Happy *belated* Memorial Day!

I know I’m a bit behind (better late than never!), but I wanted to share with you my summer mantel, seasonably decorated for Memorial Day and Independence Day. 
I try to stick to a fairly simple mantle in the summer, as I like it to feel cool and breezy, as we all would hope to be on a hot summer day.

                    Excuse my fingerprints in the hideously large mirror. Someone has to wind the clock. ;)

I’m inspired very much by early America and antiques in my design, and many of my design choices are taken from 18th century America. Even though my love for colonial America is my main inspiration, I am not biased. I just take everything I love and find a way to make it work for me. The vintage mantel clock was found at an antique store in Columbus, Ohio. It was not functioning at the time, but it was beautiful and had an insanely low price. We bought it and had it repaired by a local man that restores clocks. It has the most charming westminster chime, that is slightly different than any I have ever heard.  The two sets of vintage pewter candlesticks were purchased at estate sales in our city. The vintage dish is from a collection that Shaun's mother used to use as her china. I'm not sure the maker, but the back says "Made in England". The jar is from Hobby Lobby (sometimes new has to stand in until something old can be found to take it's place ;) 

And my arm in the background. ;)

This mantel is directly inspired by early America, which I thought would be the perfect inspiration for the Memorial Day/Independence Day mantel. I hope you enjoyed you’re holiday celebrating the brave men and women defending our freedom. Those men and women, past and present, I most humbly thank you for your service.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Oh, the Possibilities.

I have an exciting update regarding our move to New England. I am happy to say that we will be calling New Hampshire our new home this summer! We are beyond thrilled that we will finally be making our way to the place we have longed to call home for so long.

We are in the process of deciding on a rental home (there are two choices, for now). We hope to spend the next year or two exploring all of New England in hopes of finding the perfect location for our first home purchase. Excitingly enough, though, one of the rental homes is a DREAM HOME for us! It was built in 1800 and is exactly the type of home we pictured when thinking of our home in New England. If that is the home we move to, I cannot wait to share it with you!

At the moment, we are thinking and hoping that our move will take place the first of August. Ideally, we would like to move there…..NOW, but realistically we can wait until August, if I have to. ;)

Until I can show you our dream home, here are pictures that I took during one of our trips to our future home state of New Hampshire. Enjoy!

                  I adore these stacked stone walls you see all over New Hampshire.

                   Perfectly New England..

                New Hampshire...No photo editing required.


Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Allow me to introduce to you our newest family member, Finnegan. He has, without a doubt, introduced us to what it is like to have a puppy join the family.

In the short time he has been with us, he has already brought us so much joy and has taught us so many lessons (Don’t leave the bathroom door open, don’t leave papers that you would like to see again within his reach, etc.) It has been a wonderful experience and so much fun, that I cannot even begin to describe.

I won’t even begin to talk about how many pet adoption websites that I browsed and called and applied to adopt dogs. I finally came across a breeder that had him listed for a cheaper price than most of the adoption places I had contacted! He was 4 months old at the time, and we drove 4 hours to Canton, Ohio to pick up our boy. 

I would make that drive a thousand more times.

The cats, well, let’s just say they are still warming up…three months later. I feel for Finnegan. You can see the love in his eyes every time he sees Felix or Pumpkin, but they will have absolutely nothing to do with him.  They are warming up to him, but it is an ongoing process.

No matter how the cats feel, we love having Finnegan in our home. But no worries, the cats still get PLENTY of attention, when they want, of course.