Monday, 3 August 2015


 What a whirlwind summer! Here we are treading into August, and Autumn is just around the corner. While we still have a firm grasp on the Summer, I wanted to share some photos of our last weekend adventure to Vacationland, though some of you probably recognize it better as Maine. ;)

Maine, especially coastal Maine, is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people. Though summertime is definitely the peak season to run into outtah statahs, you will still find the coastal Mainers present, and as rough and friendly as ever. The Sunday we found ourselves in midcoast Maine, it was a cool, balmy day (we had to wear jackets in July!), but the low-lying clouds, the occasional rain,  and fog could not keep us at bay. We didn't have time for a weekend excursion, so we loaded up the SUV early in the morning (including the dogs!), and headed East. Luckily for us, all other traffic was headed South to return home, which allowed for a smooth, leisurely drive. 

This guy hung out while we ate our picnic lunch, and since he was so kind and kept a safe distance, we shared some fresh farm tomatoes with him. 

Finnegan loves Maine too, and wanted to pose for a photo. 

If you've never been to coastal Maine, or to New England, really, there truly is no place quite like it. The people are friendly, the food is wonderful, and the views, well, that goes without saying.