Sunday, 13 July 2014


It is hard to believe that we are already in the middle of July. New England summers (especially in New Hampshire and Maine) tend to be short lived, so the goal of every summer is to fit in as many summer activities as possible. Swimming at the lake, grilling on the patio, trips to the ice cream shacks, displays of fireworks, gardening (though yard work is much more descriptive of what we do), and, well, any other fun things one finds to do this time of year.

The front of the house for Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Here's a bit of what my summer has looked like, with more to come.

 Time spent at the lake.

 Twilight through the budding trees (early June).

 Day trips to favorite places, such as Historic Deerfield, Massachusetts.

 Late blooming lilacs.

 Finding hidden treasures in the barn, just asking to be saved.

 Attending a work conference in the beautiful Boston Harbor.

 Attending summer festivals, such as the American Independence Festival in Exeter, New Hampshire.

 Capturing beautiful moments that happen by.

 Enjoying the peace of a summer morning.

A little bit of antiquing.

Enjoying these short-lived summer moments.



  1. the wait is always worth it with you.
    you never disappoint!
    loved enjoying your summer with you in retrospect.
    new england stays in one's heart. always.


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