Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear friends! Is anyone out there? Please forgive me for my continued absence here, and believe me when I say that I have tried to write, but this has been the worst case of writer's block that I have ever seen. So here I am to attempt to write again.

As I write, the winds are howling and we have "battened down the hatches" to prepare for this Blizzard sweeping the East Coast. But my goodness, does New England know how to do Winter? In case you didn't know, the answer is YES! I simply adore the Winters (well, all seasons, truly), and take great enjoyment of sitting by the fire, covered in a wool blanket, and listening and watching the storm unfold. My Winter days are filled with roaring fires, blankets, cozy sweaters, warm socks, cuddly animals, a book or two, and comfort food!

Allow me to catch you up a bit on what you've missed. I won't go back in time to my last post (we need to save some for later), so I'll go back to Christmastime, and work my way forward to today.

We decked the halls around our home...

Wreath details.

The front door dressed for the holidays.

Back door.

But let's stop by the town gazebo before going inside.

Isn't it lovely?

It's awfully cold...shall we warm up by the fire?

There's nothing like a cozy fire on a cold winter's day.

I know it's the New Year, but let's have one last glimpse of Christmas.

A small tree, perfectly cozy in the kitchen.

Our fresh cut tree from our neighbor's farm.

This tree displays some of my favorite red and white ornaments.


Gifts to spread some Christmas cheer.

There's always room for garland, right? But please ignore the angle, the garland looked much better than my photography skills.

It wouldn't be cozy without Finnegan and Amy.

Stopped by our town beach at the lake, just before it froze.

Chilly, but beautiful!

Took a day trip to Maine. Cold, but stunning!

Which brings us to today. Weathering the storm, staying cozy, and looking forward to settling in for a long winter's nap.



  1. hi tim. what a wonderful surprise to see your post. your house looked absolutely gorgeous for the Christmas holiday!! thanks for the update and know that i will probably revisit your post often for a little happiness bump. happy new year to you, your family and those precious fur babies. linda r (phila burbs)

  2. I'm glad you're still alive! Looks glorious. I always like trees like yours when I see them; but can't help myself from packing mine to the gills with about 100x more ornaments. Hope you're enjoying the snow!


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